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Copy / Paste Instructions

In Short :

Go to the Shopping Cart page, Press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C.
Go to your email, Press Ctrl-V.

In Detail :

Click on any of the links throughout this website to send me an email. This will open a window on your computer to start sending an email to me.

Next, go to the window where your Shopping Cart is displayed.

In this window, hold in the Control button (CTRL) on your keyboard.

At the same time, press and release the "A" button on your keyboard. This will highlight everything on your shopping cart page.

While still holding in the Control button (CTRL), now press and release the "C" button on your keyboard. This will copy everything from your shopping cart into your computer's memory.

Now go back to your email window, Click anywhere within the body (text area) of the email, and then press Ctrl-V. This will paste the contents of your shopping cart page into your email.

You are now ready to add any other information you want to your email and send it to me.

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