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In 2000, the U.S. Mint started producing a new dollar coin to replace the Susan B. Anthony Dollar.

The new dollar coin has the same size, weight, and magnetic signature as the old SBA dollar, but is golden in color and has a (smooth) "distinctive edge". The "golden" color comes from the combination of the four metals that are used to make the coin -- copper, nickel, zinc, and manganese -- there is no gold in it!

What this means is that the coin is much more easily recognizable and distinguishable, because of its coloring and the fact that it does not have the reeded edge currently seen on quarters and SBA dollars. Yet to a vending machine, it still has the same characteristics as an SBA dollar, so it will still be accepted.

Also, as the coin circulates and ages, it becomes darker in color, taking on the color of antique brass, making it even more easily distinquishable from other coins.

Hopefully, it will become a favorite coin of the American people, not an unwanted, unliked, non-circulating eyesore, like the SBA dollar. It can be envisioned that this coin will eventually replace the dollar bill, though it will certainly take several years for this to be accomplished. Although it costs a few cents more to produce a dollar coin than a dollar bill, the many years that an average coin lasts compared to the few months that an average bill survives will more than make up for this minor added cost.

The obverse design depicts a young Shoshone woman, named Sacagawea, carrying on her back her infant son Jean Baptiste, who she carried and cared for on her entire 3,000-mile portion of the expedition with Lewis and Clark.

The reverse design shows a soaring American bald eagle, encircled by 17 stars - symbolizing the states of the union at the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804.

The New Sacagawea Dollar
Sacagawea Dollar Obverse Sacagawea Dollar Reverse

The Old Susan B. Anthony Dollar
Susan B. Anthony Dollar

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